Sempena cuti buruh yang bakal tiba, mungkin anda tercari cari apa yang boleh dilakukan bersama keluarga untuk mengisi masa lapang. Mungkin anda boleh mencadangkan “POTLUCK” sebagai aktiviti untuk berkumpul dengan seluruh ahli keluarga anda. 

Food Mega Festival

Raikan festival makanan mega yang bertempat di dataran shah alam Selangor bersama keluarga sebagai aktiviti untuk cuti hari pekerja hujung minggu ini. Nikmati pelbagai jenis juadah dan menu yang istimewa sepanjang festival ini berlangsung.

Mood Republik Tour

Bagi mereka yang menggemmari fasion,  Mood Republik Tour mungkin boleh menjadi destinasi untuk anda sempena cuti hari buruh yang bakal tiba. Semua butik dan vendor akan hadir dan sertai tour yang akan diadakan di Kuantan Pahang. 

Projek Kamu Theater

HUJUNG APRIL INI yakni pada 29, 30 APRIL & 1 MEI 2016, PROJEK KAMU 4 bakal mementaskan 4 buah teater pendek.pementasan ini mungkin boleh dijadikan sebagai satu aktiviti yang bole di
1. TUA

Sambutan ulangtahun Gamuda Walk

Sempena ulang tahun pertama Gamudawalk bakal menganjurkan sambutan  hari ulangtahun untuk pengunjung mereka. Perbagai aktiviti yang dianjurkan sesuai untuk seisi keluarga dan bole dijadikan sebagai salah satu destinasi untuk mengisi masa hujung minggu ini.

Teater Ombak Rindu

Teater Ombak Rindu yang akn dipentaskn sehingga cuti hari buruh ini mungkin bole dijadikan sebagai salah satu aktiviti untuk seisi keluarga terutama untuk mereka yang meminati teater dan juga untuk yang meminati Novel tersebut.

Theme Park


Austin Height Water Park

Sunway Lagoon

 Lost World of Tambun

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So, me and the team were feeling silly this afternoon and we decided to come up with a chart that creates our own break up song. Needless to say, it was a hilarious affair.

What song did you get? Someone in the office was wearing Red, Birth date was 14 August. ROFL!
Mother's Day is just around the corner and time is not gonna wait for anyone. Don't have any idea what to give your mom as a present for this special day ?

We are giving out top 10 ideas for you guys and we hope that you can bring joy in your mother's life. One idea is enough for her but more surprises means more happiness.

1. Flowers are synonymous to beauty. What more as a gift to the most beautiful woman in your life. Your mom of course! Beautiful blooms represent feminine beauty and are a signal to showcase your love for her.

2. Your mom deserves surprises. If she raised you right, you might feel the need to show your appreciation. No one does more unnoticed and important WORK than mothers. Make her feel wonderful on this special occasion.

3. A watch, is an intensely PERSONAL gift that will probably last for the wearer’s entire lifetime and beyond, through future generations. It’s giving someone the gift of time. Time as everyone knows is extremely precious.

4. Vacations are the perfect way to guarantee a memorable gift for anyone. For Mothers’ Day, why not treat your mother for a vacation to show your appreciation towards her.

5. Give mom some help around the house this Mother's Day with great home appliance gifts. She will definitely love the thoughtful gift and will right away put it into good use.

6. It’s ‘must have’ item for any women. No matter what generation your mom is in, they will always need a handbag. An absolute favourite present this Mothers’ Day.

7. What does every Mother truly want? The ultimate pampering session.   Why don’t you give her a few hours of serenity, pampering and pure relaxation spa and salon package as a Mother’s Day gift.

8. After everything that your mother has given you, it's time to show your love and gratitude with a truly amazing gift that will show just how much you care about her.  A personalized greeting card penned with your sincere wishes can be a wonderful gift. Simplicity at its best.

9. If your mom has a sweet tooth she may love to receive chocolates as gifts. Women enjoy eating chocolates of various flavors like dark, white, orange flavored, mint chocolates & many more. Assorted chocolate box would serve as a special treat for your lovely mom.

10. There is no other thing that can catch your mom's eyes to ‘look at’ everyday in her own house other than a photo collage of special moments of her family. Choose wonderful moments of your family and print out on a photo collage. This will definitely keep her smiling every day.

These are 10 things that we are truly sure that mums gonna appreciate this Mother's Day. Better plan for this Special Day ahead !